Reevaluation on test taking process

Rachael Kaiser, Journalist

The importance of tests in the classroom has long since outlived its usefulness. The process of how assessments are presented needs to change due to the classes being taught in manner that has students memorize for the test and not actually learn material.

Tests are made out by some teachers to be a glaringly important factor in a course grade, when assessments should be used only to measure the progress of a student.

Assessments are important, but the method of how testing is applied is not helping students, rather it is hindering them.

“Tests should be used to measure a student’s growth in the class, and how much they have learned over time,” said junior Hannah Friend.

Friend believes that testing is an important tool, but the method of how assessments are used should be changed, and that measuring improvement should be incorporated more into the courses, not just testing, in class.

A student’s performance on a test should not be used to measure the capability of the student or teacher.

Tests could be very beneficial to students if courses are more based on the process of learning, rather than just memorization so a student is able to pass a test.

Sign Language teacher Mrs. Jill Maxwell believes that standardized assessments are not a decent factor of judging what students have learned in class.

“Test aren’t as important as they used to be,” said Maxwell, “It’s more about learning and growth, rather than just memorization.”

Maxwell believes learning is about the development of students and how they improve over the course.

“I believe that testing is important,” said Math Teacher Mr. Brian Klinger. “I place a lot of importance on [tests] with the way I grade. About 60 percent of student’s grades are based on tests and quizzes,” said Klinger.

Klinger places a lot of importance on assessments because he wants to see that students understand the math and know how to complete a problem.

The excessive importance that is placed on testing now needs to be removed. Tests are important, but only if they are used as assessment of how well a student is learning and not just as a way to assess a student’s memory.

Tests should be more causal and on the importance of the test as a big factor in a student’s grade should be stressed less.

Testing is not used to its full potential. Assessments should become more of a learning tool rather than something that is stress-inducing and anxiety provoking.