Communication is key

As the generation of millennials develops and matures into adults, one thing is for certain: dating is a thing of the past. Students today show infatuation with each other instead of actually being interested and wanting to get to know a person to have long term goals with one another.

In society, individuals feel the need to put labels on relationships.

What teenagers now call ‘talking’ is the passive and technology enhanced way of dating. Instead of sending love letters or phone calls, students often send short, meaningless text messages. They throw the word ‘love’ around diminishing the meaning behind it and only hurting each other.

Not to mention, ‘talking’ is often confused with just casual talking. Two individuals of the opposite sex should be allowed to communicate with one another without the assumption of their friendship meaning they find each other attractive.

Instead of an individual asking a person of interest on a date, teenagers now ask to ‘hang out.’ The intentions of ‘hanging out’ are unclear of where the couple would going and what they will be doing. It simply does not sound appealing. Even though ‘hanging out’ can still be sentimental, it does not give two individuals the same atmosphere as going out to the movies, a dinner, or even just going to the park.

‘Hanging out’ can also be confused with a new fad called ‘Netflix and chill’ where two individuals binge watch TV shows while engaging in sexual activities.

What the younger generation needs to understand is simple; going on dates gives two people a chance to connect and get to know each other before jumping into a relationship. Dating is not a concept that should be considered ‘abnormal.’

Social media also plays a role in dating. Students often ‘subtweet’ or talk about each other on Twitter without directly telling the person that the post was aimed at them. When couples ‘subtweet’ each other it takes away from the patience and communication within the relationship. People treat social media as more of a personal journal than a way to connect with others. If people were more clear and straightforward with their feelings it would spare others’ time.

The solution to the younger generation’s problems comes down to a key factor, communication. When individuals take a moment to slow down and break down barriers it can build relationships. Being face to face and having interaction helps to create friendships that, if wanted, can lead to more.