Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson launch drama

Jensen Mortimer, Journalist

Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC) recently launched a bundle of new makeup collaborating with Shane Dawson, a social media influencer; all products ranging from $18 to $52.

“It was all surreal, to be making my own makeup products with my name on them; having them be exactly what I envisioned, and doing it with my best friend,” said Dawson, in a recently uploaded video on his YouTube channel.

With spending more than nine months on this project, Star and Dawson dedicated all of their time to this new project. With the boys hiding this project for more than half of the year, the makeup industry went crazy when they heard the news.

“It took a while to create all of these products because I wanted to make sure they were perfect. It is my business, with my name on it, so I want to produce only the best for my customers,” said Star. “Making sure all the pressed pigments are done correctly; making sure all of the metallic were shiny enough for our liking.”

Having personal attachments to their products, Dawson and Star really put everything they had into this idea. Dawson named every eye shadow shade and every lip shade after a personal experience, or someone close to him.

“My favorite part was watching Shane decide all of the eye shadow colors, then placing them with a name, and how much each product had a special meaning,” said Star. “Seeing him be so happy about something, made up for how long this whole process took.”

Millions of fans got onto the JSC website at 1 p.m. EST to buy all the products. Both Star and Dawson did not expect that many customers at the time, so the website host, Shopify, was not prepared.

“The website’s technical issues were due to ‘extremely high shopping volumes’,” said Shopify, an e-commerce platform used by JSC. “The back end of the website could not hold the front end, which is where all the customers were.”

Having loads of fans not getting products got really frustrating for the makers, when all they want is for the consumers to get them. Phone call after phone call, Star and Dawson did everything they could, such as contacting dozens of members from Shopify to see what the problem was, and fix it as soon as possible.

With the whole beauty community in a wild craze, they sold one million palettes within 30 minutes, which broke all of the Shopify and JSC records. Star and Dawson plan on restocking the whole collection in March of 2020.