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Girls Track

Girls Track

Ryleigh Wright, Web Producer April 22, 2015

Name                                Grade Faith Boulter                      11 Sydney Boulter                  9 Mollie Brausch                  11 Amanda...

Construction update and reminders

Construction update and reminders

Alec Richmond , Web Editor in Chief April 17, 2015

Excavation around the Education Center. To help alleviate some trapped storm water, Northwest Community Schools is excavating in and existing drainage ditch on our property that is connected to a county...

Future renovations

Future renovations

Mike Layher, Web Journalist March 31, 2015

As renovations continue to be made around Mountie Nation, new structures are beginning to be planned out to further improve the school grounds. One of these projects includes the new tennis courts that...

Using classes full potential

Kelsey Thomas , Web Journalist March 18, 2015

In the 21st century, technology has boomed from what it used to be. Thus opening new career opportunities to students throughout the world. Computer teacher Mr. Baker teaches five different courses...

Sports counting toward gym credit

Kelsey Hogan , Web Journalist March 17, 2015

Students who participate in a sport may feel dragged down when they see gym on their class schedule. Many feel that since they participate in a sport they should not have to take gym as a credit to graduate. "When...

Graduation dates for seniors

March 17, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015  Honors Convocation 7:00 pm Northwest High school Cafeteria Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Seniors Only - Graduation Practice 8:30 am (Seniors who do not attend, will not...

Yearbook captures memories while making them

Yearbook captures memories while making them

Ryleigh Wright , Web Producer March 16, 2015

Throughout the year, a staff of students come together to take pictures and put it altogether into a book that is known as the yearbook. The process is much more than just snapping photos here and there....

Tickets and Invitations to 2015 Prom

A Night at Gatsby’s

Mike Layher , Web Journalist March 12, 2015

As prom season inches closer, upperclassmen are beginning to make preparations by fabricating glamorous “promposals,ˮ shopping for that perfect dress, and getting fitted for tuxedos. The seniors...

Varsity girls basketball finish with successful season

Varsity girls basketball finish with successful season

Alec Richmond , Web Editor in Chief March 11, 2015

The girls varsity basketball team finished (19-5) after their lost to Chelsea high school in the regional semi finals on Tuesday March, 10th. The Mounties played a hard game ending a great season with...

Freshman Sydney Boulter and junior Faith Boutler, sisters, stretch with the wrestling team before practice.

Sisters take down

Kelsey Hogan , Web Journalist March 9, 2015

Wrestling is a combat sport, similar to Jiu Jitsu and for the Boulter sisters, Faith and Sydney, joining the wrestling team is an opportunity to improve their Jiu Jitsu training. For being considered an...

To stay or not to stay

To stay or not to stay

Kelsey Hogan , Web Journalist February 27, 2015

Many students have experienced traumatic experiences. However, having to choose between living and dying probably hasn't been one of them. In the new story If I Stay, that is exactly what character, Mia...

Digital reading through applications such as IBooks

Paper vs Digital

Kelsey Thomas , Web Journalist February 26, 2015

Before the Kindle, Ereader, and iPad, books were the main source of reading. Over the years many people have been switching over to digital books, leaving paperbacks and hard covers in the dust. “I...

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