Choir gains more attention through competitions

Sydney Boulter, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

This year the advanced choral ensemble Vocal Dimension has begun presenting themselves in and around communities in Michigan.

They have advertised themselves in several ways to the community.

One of the things they have decided to do is a YouTube video competition against other groups.

The YouTube competition allows them to compete against other groups. It contains of a five minute video that will be submitted to be reviewed. The winners get the chance to go to Ohio and be the opening act for a big concert.

“This event will give us a pretty big opportunity to present ourselves to the community and for the community to get to know us even better.” said senior Josh Riddle.

Several other ways the choir has been promoting themselves by performing at the American Choral Director’s Association (ACDA). At this event they performed for several choir directors and with that their name was spread throughout the community even more.

Along with performing at the ACDA, the group also was chosen to perform for the Michigan Music Conference. The conference has several of the top choirs in the state that are chosen by other directors for their sound and performance. They are chosen and known as the best performers.

“These opportunities give [the choir members] more of an opportunity to get out into the community and to make themselves known” said choir director Mr. Mathew Snell.

In the choir community, it is rare for choirs to be chosen for both performances, but Vocal Dimension was chosen by both to perform.

With several months left in the school year, the advanced group continues to advertise their choir.