Netflix takes over

Netflix favored other convention means for watching movies, television


Ryleigh Wright , Web Editor-in-Chief

Effortless access to options that provide movies and TV series at finger tips. These advantages and countless more are the reason for Netflix’s increasing popularity.

Netflix is a company in which customers can rent DVD’s and Blu-ray disks by the mail or online. Because the video streaming is inexpensive, it has became popular recently as it is available anywhere there is Wifi.

“There is a wide variety of movies and you can watch them continuously as well.” said freshman Conner Peters.

At home movie marathons are just one reason to ditch the  theater and create an account with Netflix, which saves money as well. Having multiple choices can cut back the number of trips to expensive cinemas.

Some people have also cut the cord on their cable and have chosen to keep money in their pocket while spending less than ten dollars a month on Netflix.

“It is cheaper than cable and you can watch more stuff than cable has,” said junior Patrick Mckee.

Not only does it save cash, but it is a good way to spend time alone or with a small group of friends.

“I enjoy watching Netflix by myself because it is peaceful,” said freshman Zack Slaby.

The peaceful activity can go with users wherever they go. It can be accessed through smart phone, video game systems, computer, and various more devices.

The network has shown to become addictive due to being able to watch movies and television shows at any time. The want to finish and/or continue a television series influences the greater use of Netflix.

“If you miss a series, it’s right there,” said senior Madison Howe. “You can go through all the seasons of the show.”

Netflix does have down falls that come along with its programs. When the internet has a poor connection, Netflix begins to buffer, which could take a while depending on the wifi router.

“Netflix is slow if you have slow internet,” said Howe.

The many perks do not stop students from becoming frustrated with the program, as the newest of movies and seasons do not come out until they become older.

From putting more money in pockets, accessibility at the tips of fingers, and having numerous choices in multiple genres, Netflix is continuing to rock the entertainment world.